Blogger Reviews of Solves Strips Pediatric Electrolyte Strips

by Leanne MacDonald May 12, 2016

Blogger Reviews of Solves Strips Pediatric Electrolyte Strips

Last week Solves Strips® had a great time participating in an event called Mom's Week - hosted by Sampler, an online company that provides samples to event participants via company Facebook pages.

Sampler Moms Week Solves Strips

We were thrilled with the outcome as we were able to get approximately 1000 free samples of our Pediatric Electrolyte strips into the hands of mostly Moms, scattered all over the USA. Plus, the Solves Strips Facebook page exploded with new fans! Thanks to everyone who visited and liked our page. Welcome to Solves Strips! 

A few days before the event, we sent samples to some pretty fantastic and well-known bloggers who were also participating and promoting the event.

Here's what some of them had to say:

The Hippy Homemaker, Christina Anthis, Visit:

The Hippy Homemaker Solves Strips Pediatric Electrolytes

"Sometimes, life can be difficult, but everything is made better by all the cool new inventions on the market that make things quick and easy for us. One of those such inventions really HAS to be Solves Strips! A small, thin film that you stick directly on your tongue, Solves Strips makes taking medications THAT much easier! Simply pop one in your mouth, and quickly take your medications without all the icky bitter tastes."  Keep Reading.

Yee Wittle Things, Brandi Yee, Visit:

Yee Wittle Things Solves Strips Pediatric Electrolytes

It breaks my heart when my kids aren’t well and are feeling sick.  I feel bad when having to administer unpleasant medication or fluids, but I know it’s best for them.  New Solves Strips Pediatric Electrolyte Oral Thin-Film is the perfect product for delivering medicine in an easy and much more bearable way for young children."  Keep Reading

This West Coast Mommy - Olivia Lasting, Visit:

This West Coast Mommy Solves Strips Pediatric Electrolytes

"New Pediatric Electrolyte Strips from Solves Strips are the easiest way to get kids to take their medicine! They’re portable, taste great, and dissolve quickly, so they’re ideal for kids who don’t like taking pills (that’s pretty much all of them, right?)"  Keep Reading

One Smiley Monkey - Angela van Tijn, Visit:

One Smiley Monkey Solves Strips Pediatric Electrolytes

"These new and easy to use strips dissolve quickly, taste great and contain no sugar or carbs. I love how portable they are and easy to carry in your bag!"  Read More

While the Mom's Week event is now over, if you like free samples of some of the biggest and best brands, head on over to the Sampler Facebook page and by liking their page, you'll be notified when the next event will take place. 

If you'd like to get your hands on some Solves Strips® Pediatric Electrolytes, you can purchase them below - watch for super savings on our 3 and 5 packs!


Leanne MacDonald
Leanne MacDonald


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