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InnosolTM Health Corp. is dedicated to the evolution of wellness, providing innovative and non-invasive solutions for people everywhere while measurably improving the user experience and increasing adherence with their doctor’s recommendations, in turn leading to better health outcomes.

InnosolTM provides the market with new, innovative and significantly improved delivery systems for both existing and newly developed pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and healthcare products. Utilizing state of the art technologies, InnosolTM delivers best-in-class health and wellness patient solutions for the medical and personal health care markets. Our products make it easier to take the medications you should be taking, when you should be taking them, anywhere and at anytime.

InnosolTM Health Corp. Divisions & Brands

InnosolTM Health Solutions

Leadership ~ Design ~ Development ~ Implementation

InnosolTM Health Solutions is a global marketing, sales, and distribution service provider with an exclusive focus on health and wellness.

InnosolTM Health Solutions opens up new, market-penetrating opportunities for innovative healthcare product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and brands. Most importantly, our work benefits patients, healthcare providers and consumers by creating awareness for new products that can enhance people's health and simplify the way we take health products.

Innosol's commitment to advancing innovative health solutions is the foundation of our company and represents the future success for yours. Innosol's business development methodology is driven by extensive market analysis, product trends and consumer desire. Working in partnership with leading health and wellness product suppliers, Innosol's team of experienced business leaders steward innovative products to market, worldwide. Working with our customers we focus on creating go-to-market strategies that drive category leadership and brand growth.

We assist in designing and building distinctive, authentic, and interactive branded environments that drive engagement and sales. We understand the science behind retail and bring it together with clear customer insight, to deliver powerful creative experiences.

InnosolTM has partnered with NCSM, a well-established firm and together we are creating a powerful sales and distribution team.

NCSM is a “Business Development and Sales Management” company that provides direct sales, distributor sourcing, trade show marketing, product positioning, sales team development, and program execution into retail, mass, specialty, pharmaceutical, OTC, supplement and health oriented sales target markets.

NCSM’s executive team has over 100 combined years of experience in program development and category management! NCSM’s sales force has strong ties into all domestic and international sales channels in wholesale distribution and at the corporate and regional retail levels. 

NCSM Sales coverage includes:

  • Primary Care (Hospitals),
  • VA & Assisted Living Facilities,
  • HCP (healthcare professionals),
  • Special Clinics (such as Mayo & Scripps),
  • Mass market outlets (Sam’s, Costco),
  • MLM’s,
  • Transportation (Airports),
  • Retail (Grocery/Supermarket),
  • Drug/Pharmacy (Walgreens, CVS),
  • Health Fitness (GNC, Europa Sports),
  • Specialty Channels (C-Store, Extreme Value, Military, College & Universities...).

Working closely with NCSM, InnosolTM can help manufacturers, developers and innovators establish new markets, successfully implement distribution and achieve growth for new and existing brands.

InnosolTM Health Ventures

Solves Strips®

Solves Strips®

InnosolTM is leading with a new way to administer medicine and supplements. Our unrivalled Solves Health Solutions - Solves Strips® branded suite of Oral Thin Film (OTF) products make it possible — and profitable — for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical developers to convert existing drugs and formulate new ones on to an oral thin film strip for easier administration.

This breakthrough drug delivery technology provides a less stressful way for patients of all ages to take medications and supplements - offering the potential to eliminate needles and pills. This is particularly attractive for people that have difficulties swallowing pills as well as those that just prefer a faster and easier method of ingesting their medications.

Innosol’s OTF first suite of products under the Solves Strips® brand includes: sleep aid, migraine relief, energy booster, performance enhancement, erectile dysfunction, pain relief, allergy relief - just the first in a series of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical health care products.

Innosol’s OTF products are produced in FDA and cGMP approved manufacturing facilities, with FDA-compliant packaging, ensuring both quality and safety. Leveraging our partnership with NCSM and with established sales distribution channels, InnosolTM has the ability to successfully commercialize many of the most commonly used drugs and supplements.

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