Video - Solves Strips® Intro

Introduction to Solves Strips®

Innosol Health Corp. introduces Solves Strips® and is dedicated to enhancing the evolution of wellness, providing innovative and non-invasive solutions- one strip at a time.

The Need

Solves Strips® presents a unique Oral Thin Film technology that meets a critical, global need.

Studies suggest that up to 45% of people worldwide won’t, can’t or hate swallowing pills. Even in a chewable, liquid or powdered form, taking and giving medication has become an anxiety-ridden and inconvenient experience. Whether a mental or physical condition, the act of swallowing something without breaking it down is unnatural.

However, statistics don’t even get to the core of what we offer. For the first time ever, we help adults, seniors and children alike reclaim their health, comfortably and conveniently.

Solves Strips® offer a vastly improved alternative to pills and liquid medications, on an Oral Thin-Film (OTF) platform. This is a small, thin strip that sticks on your tongue or inside your cheek, and dissolves, releasing ingredients into your body.