Because you have better things to do.

You know the drill.

Step One:

Your child is sick. Yet somehow still has the capacity to fight you with every ounce of strength that they have left, refusing to take their medication.

Step Two:

You've tried everything under the sun.

Chewable pills are too chalky, and easy to spit back up into hundreds of delightful, mucous covered pieces. 

Liquid medicines are too thick, and apparently synthetic banana flavor isn't good. You're sick, just drink it for the love of all that is good! 

Coated pills are daunting in size, and after coaxing them to chase it back with chocolate sauce for ten minutes, it's sat on their tongue too long and become bitter. If they had only taken it when you begged them to...

At this point you don't even know how much they've ingested unless you're about to start weighing out the regurgitated pieces on your clothes. Remarkably, all medications look the same when they're puked back up, regardless of how they looked going in. 

Step Three:

You've resorted to bribery. You've begged and pleaded to a point of embarrassment; promising a lifetime of sugary confections, as well as your next holiday bonus in exchange for their compliance. 

Why don't they understand it will make them feel better?! 

Step Four:

Utter exhaustion for all parties involved, you cannot win. 

The carpet is stained with enough cough medicine that it looks like a frat house. Your favourite shirt is now unrecognizable. Not to mention your poor child's temperature is higher than your last vacation to Mexico - which was when exactly?

You're not alone. 

It's endless, and judging by the number of websites devoted to helping you trick your child into taking medication, you're not alone. 

The whole ordeal can leave you feeling like a dreadful parent, and your child with an unreasonable fear of taking medications, or worse, a fear of swallowing. Not to mention, the stress of seeing your sick child in greater pain and disarray than they were initially. 

You do have better things to do.

But honestly, don't you?

It's time to shed some light on the reality that the way we take medication is outdated and tiresome. As parents, you certainly have enough on your plate, and greater things to worry about when you child is sick than forcing them to choke down medication.

Pills, are a 3,500 year old technology. You don't even keep your smart phone for longer than your contractual two-years, and some would argue that's more of a lifeline than anything. 3,500 years is a long time to go without evolving your medicine. 

For the sake of all our carpets and clothing, our sanity, and more importantly our kids, shouldn't we enlighten ourselves?

How about a technology that makes it easier to give our kids medicine? Wouldn't it be nice to see them smile next time, rather then run for the hills?

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