• Electrolyte Strips

    Smart Replenish While On The Go

    Recover faster with Solves Electrolyte Dissolvable Strips - allows for effective hydration.

  • Sleep Aid Strips

    Well Rested Now Just A Strip Away

    Reach the clouds, and get to sleep faster with Solves Melatonin Dissolvable Strips.

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  • Breath Freshener Strips

    Time To Get Closer

    Feel a fresh breath of air with Solves Breath Freshener Dissolvable Strips.

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  • Sunshine On A Strip

    Vitamin d

    Give your immune system a boost!

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  • Revive Energy™ Strips

    Need A Boost?

    Solves Revive Energy™ Strips will give you an energy boost to reach new heights.

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Our Story

Solves Strips® is dedicated to enhancing everyone's personal wellness, providing innovative and non-invasive solutions - one strip at a time.

About Us

We believe everyone has the right to a healthy life. Solves Strips® was built on the idea that taking care of yourself should be easy - even enjoyable - not a chore. This led us to think outside the box in terms of wellness, to offer something truly new and innovative. We wanted to disrupt the world of personal health and wellness and change it for the better.

This led us to Oral Thin Film (OTF), a disruptive innovation for personal health and wellness that aims to change the way the world takes supplements and medicine utilizing an exciting new technology.

A simple dissolvable strip - but solving so many problems. Solves Strips® offer a vastly improved alternative to pills and liquid medications, with a small, thin strip that sticks on your tongue or inside your cheek, and dissolves, releasing ingredients into your bloodstream. They are compact, easy to administer, quick dissolving and good tasting, have accurate dosing and make your life easier. 

Solves Strips® is dedicated to enhancing the evolution of wellness, providing innovative and non-invasive solutions - one strip at a time.

The Need

Solves Strips® presents a unique technology that meets a critical, global need.

Studies suggest that up to 45% of people worldwide won’t, can’t or hate swallowing pills. Even in a chewable, liquid or powdered form, taking and giving medication can be an anxiety-ridden and inconvenient experience. But not anymore.

Whether a mental or physical condition, the act of swallowing something without breaking it down is unnatural. However, statistics don’t even get to the core of what we offer. For the first time ever, we help adults, seniors and children alike reclaim their health, comfortably and conveniently.

The Technology

Solves Strips® offer a vastly improved alternative to pills, powders and liquid medications, on an Oral Thin-Film (OTF) platform. This is a small, thin strip that sticks on your tongue or inside your cheek, and dissolves, quickly and conveniently releasing ingredients into your body.

The OTF technology Solves Strips® utilizes has surpassed the competition with the ability to hold medical and nutraceutical ingredients on a strip that can dissolve in your mouth, and still include fun delicious flavors.

Solves Strips® is designed for maximum effectiveness, and taste better than pills or other strips, while being compact, and quick dissolving. This makes Solves Strips® great for children, the elderly, and everyone in between.

To learn more about Solves Strips® products, or the innovative technology that's changing lives, visit our FAQs page.