Customer Service

Our singular focus is the well-being of our global family of current and future customers, you. 

 “We are guided by a Customer Centric approach as we value your input, feedback and experiences”. Solves wants to create, design and develop world-class products and experiences that you personally desire. Please send us your opinions and suggestion in regards to products that you would like us to develop.


We plan to be in your favourite retail and pharmacy stores in the future so we will be adding a “Store Locator Menu tab”. Our future plans are to provide you, our customer, with a seamless omni-channel shopping experience so you can purchase your products online, via an app, or at your favourite neighborhood store/pharmacy, etc…

While we are still enhancing our service structure to serve you best, it is our goal to position Solves Strips® as a leader in customer service. We want to go beyond your expectations of a pharmaceutical company, and provide exceptional and memorable service.

Your feedback is appreciated to help us serve you better. If you have any suggestions for the Solves Service Team as we develop our customer service policies, we'd like to hear from you via email: