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Helping Senior Family Members Stay Healthy

We all want the best for our elderly loved ones. Whether they are living with family, with assisted care, or independently, we also want to make sure that they are making healthy choices. As we age, our bodies’ needs begin to change, so we need to adjust accordingly. Staying healthy as we get older may mean that what used to work for us will no longer work, or may not be enough anymore. There are two main areas that seniors need to address in order to stay healthy: physical activity and nutrition.

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Dental Care for Seniors: Affordable Ways to Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Did you know your dental health affects the health of the rest of your body? For example, gum disease can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, lung problems, and even digestive issues. Sadly, many seniors avoid dental care because their healthcare plans don't cover the expense. Fortunately, there are several ways for seniors to access affordable care and take preventive measures at home.

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A lifetime of wear and tear on the mind and body can make it difficult to live alone beyond retirement. But there are many DIY fixes that can extend your independent years. Here are a few you can handle yourself, even on a small budget.

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