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Food for Thought

A balanced diet does more than improve the numbers on the scale. Eating well and getting plenty of exercise may help you beat the odds when fighting drug addiction, disease, or depression. Read on for ways your body uses what you eat for your best interests. Cope with addiction Addictive behaviors may be best battled with food on the front lines of recovery. Addiction is a mental health issue and if your brain isn’t receiving enough nutrition, it can latch onto behaviors such as drug use, alcohol consumption, compulsive gambling, or overeating. Many addicts unconsciously learn to depend on their chosen vice because of the way it makes them feel without realizing they may be able to get the same...

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Keep Healthy on a Shoestring – Tips for Using Public and Civic Spaces

When you are trying to be healthy, there are many options available to you. That said, gym memberships can be burdensome. Factor in the cost of healthy food, and keeping healthy can begin to feel like you are bench-pressing a heavy load without a spotter. There is hope though – stay healthy in any season by utilizing your community’s public spaces and civic organizations. Meet your goals without breaking the bank with these options. Parks – The US has a total of 417 national parks in their stewardship, so there is never a park far away. Many communities also have locally managed parks either within walking distance or a short drive away. A quick google search will tell you where...

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