Solves Strips® presents a unique technology that meets a critical, global need.
Studies suggest that up to 45% of people worldwide won’t, can’t or just really hate trying to swallow pills. Even if the medicine is in a chewable, liquid or powdered form, often taking and giving medication is an anxiety-ridden and inconvenient experience. Whether required for a mental or physical condition, the need to swallow something without breaking it down is unnatural.
Solves Strips® is designed for maximum effectiveness, and taste better than pills, while being compact, and quick dissolving. This makes Solves Strips® great for children, elderly, and basically anyone that’s active or just wants a better way to take their supplements and medicines.


The compact, easy to carry strips can go anywhere with you.
You typically  need water to swallow a pill, but Solves Strips removes that extra step so you can take it on the go in a breeze. 

Reduces Pill Fatigue

Some pills are unavoidable - but we provide an alternative for those who need it! 

Calms Anxiety

No more pill anxiety - the process of taking a Solves Strips® isn't just natural, it tastes good too.