In-House Nutrition Specialist, Kelli Michelle


Kelli Michelle

Clinical Nutritionist, SNS, FNS, CPT



 12+ years of experience in the Health & Fitness, Nutrition Science. 

Kelli's area of study is in Human Psychology & Nutrition Science. As an online personal trainer and has an innovative online app to create custom workout programs for athletes and general population fitness goers!

Kelli is currently working on her Ph.D.  Kelli owns and operates her online Nutrition Coaching business Keep Moving Forward out of Tempe, Arizona.

"There is no greater joy in life and seeing others succeed when they thought that they couldn’t. " - Kelli


"Within 90 days in our program, you will learn how to track your calorie balance perfectly. We will be implementing more structure with our helpful travel and restaurant eating handouts. Our program is highly success driven with a ton of accountability. This accountability is essential for most." - Kelli

Her amazing coaching system provides thorough feedback from weekly “check-ins”, private chats, education courses, and one on one question in answering sessions through her voice coaching system.

"I work hard for my clients so that they can learn the practices without stress."

                                                                                             - Kelli

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