For hot yoga, golf, hiking and with all of the challenges created by menopause the Solves electrolyte and melatonin strips are fantastic! Susanita de Diego 

My experience with the Solves electrolyte strips has been completely positive. For the most part, I find that I get similar benefits as with drinking a Gatorade, but faster, without the unneeded sugar, and at a fraction of the cost. If I feel that I need a boost when exercising (or even just when feeling groggy at work), I'll take a strip and fairly quickly feel more energized and less dehydrated. Doing the same with Gatorade
would be much harder on my wallet and waistline. 

I've also found the strips very useful if I ever have a headache from having one too many the night before. A couple of strips and a big glass of water and I quickly start to feel better and ready to get on with my day.
I went through my initial order quite quickly (partly from giving away packs to friends who loved them) and happily ordered more. Especially at the bulk pricing it was
very inexpensive and worth it for me. Marcus Rocque

These new and easy to use strips dissolve quickly, taste great and contain no sugar or carbs. I love how portable they are and easy to carry in your bag!  Whenever my son is sick and I am worried about him being dehydrated I use the strips instead of the drinks he hates. No more complaints! Angela van TijnOneSmileyMonkey.com

This West Coast Mommy

"New Pediatric Electrolyte Strips from Solves Strips are the easiest way to get kids to take their medicine! They’re portable, taste great, and dissolve quickly, so they’re ideal for kids who don’t like taking pills (that’s pretty much all of them, right?)" Olivia Lasting, This West Coast Mommy

The Hippy Homemaker

"Sometimes, life can be difficult, but everything is made better by all the cool new inventions on the market that make things quick and easy for us. One of those such inventions really HAS to be Solves Strips! A small, thin film that you stick directly on your tongue, Solves Strips makes taking medications THAT much easier! Simply pop one in your mouth, and quickly take your medications without all the icky bitter tastes!" Christina Anthis, The HippyHomemaker

Between doing hot yoga regularly and not eating the best diet some days I end up with severe cramps in my feet and lower legs to the point that I cannot stand. Within 3 minutes of taking the Solves electrolyte strip the cramps are completely gone. Before the strips I would take ibuprofen that was largely ineffective and it would take hours for the pain to subside. I now keep the Solves Electrolyte strips at the bedside for when the cramps hit in the middle of the night. This brings me to another major bonus of the strips, you do not need a large glass of water to take the strips. Place them on your tongue and within minutes relief. With other electrolyte products  I have to stir for a few minutes to dissolve the crystals or wait for the tablet to dissolve. Finally, the Solves Strips taste great!  Colleen W.BN/RPN/RN

"My 6-year-old son was sick with the flu and so I gave him the Solves Strips pediatric electrolyte. It dissolved quickly, and he even gave me a thumbs up." Jamie P

Having my Solve Strips is equally as important as having my Nikes! With as much; weights, kickboxing, soccer and spin I do I need to keep hydrated and keep my electrolytes up! Also being a bikini competitor I love that these little strips are only 15g sodium where sports drinks are anywhere from 250-400g sodium! Nicole Vincze ◊ Fitness Enthusiast & Competitor ◊ @alloutfitness_training ◊ Dog mom ◊ Certified Personal Trainer ◊ Let's get Fitt  

Love the Solves electrolytes for fitness, golf, hockey, yoga and traveling! Tom W

Delicious and work great for hot spin and hiking, love them! Beth H