What your child really wants you to know

If you're anything like me, you often wonder what goes on in the mind of your children on a day-to-day basis.

...all the crazy, quirky, cute and insightful thoughts they must have...

What about the things that worry them, or cause them to be lonely? What does your child really want you to know?

Well, a third grade teacher in Denver Colorado, Kyle Schwartz, did an exercise with her kids to find out just that. Schwartz requested her students all write responses to the statement, "I wish my teacher knew ___."

According to Mandy Velez, "the responses she received were so moving," and it seems, surprisingly unexpected. Children were opening up with meaningful responses that gave Schwartz a much clearer idea of who her students were, with information she may never have know had she not asked the right question. 

That got me to thinking...

What if you tried a similar exercise with our own kids and asked them to respond to, "I wish my parents knew ___." I suspect the results would be equally as eye-opening, and ideally spark conversation between you and your child. 

Building healthy communication skills with your little one now, can help them better articulate their thoughts and feelings in the future. Coming up with different ways to aid them in communication, such as this exercise, can also help to get the ball rolling. 

Give this exercise a try in your home, and don't forget to post your responses.

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