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A Dietitian’s Halloween Survival Guide for Parents

Halloween is fast approaching. Or is it? It feels like it’s just around the corner because Halloween costumes, spooky books, and mega-sized boxes of treats are available to purchase! The only thing that I suggest purchasing this far in advance would be a fun new trick-or-treating book (or maybe a costume) to get the kids excited. Let’s be honest, those big boxes of Halloween treats will get opened, scarfed and you’ll have to re-purchase right before Halloween. Am I right? To survive Halloween, I thought I would share my top 5 Halloween survival tips to get you through the “terrifying” season. Because kids and sugar and full moons… you get the picture.

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A Dietitian’s Take: Why You Might Want to Start Taking These Nutritional Supplements

We all know how important good nutrition is for our short-term—but more importantly long term—health, right? The nutrients we consume through food help our bodies and brains to function properly, help to repair our bodily tissues, and contribute to our overall longevity and health. Eating a balanced diet complete with lots of vegetables, fruits, protein-rich foods, and whole grains helps us to attain most of the nutrients that we need for proper health. And as a registered dietitian, this is what I guide my clients and readers towards—a nutrient-rich, balanced eating plan most of the time!

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7 Easy Ways to Help Your Child Fend Off the Flu

Every parent knows that from September to June your household transforms into a walking petri dish that eventually becomes laden with snotty tissues and cough syrup. This leaves it up to you to nurse your family back to health -- but not without also falling sick yourself. It's the cold, hard truth of flu season and there's nothing you can do.Or is there?The truth is there are several ways you can, at the very least, help to protect against illness, regardless of your choice to vaccinate, and according to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention these key steps are incredibly simple! For more insight on the influenza virus, we welcome you to check out the CDC site. 1. Avoid close contact We don't want to...

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