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A Dad's Promise

She looked up at me with big blue eyes, changing back and forth from a small smiling squint to a wild look of amazement at the sounds I was producing. I was making her day.Her nose was starting to wrinkle and her smile grew until a little baby giggle came out. Her arms flailed at her sides with amusement in the cute, uncoordinated way only a baby can get away with. Her dad, me, was the funniest thing in her world right now…except that I couldn't have cared less. Let me make this clear; I wasn’t trying to impress her with my outward gurgling sounds. Rather, I was trying to keep my gag reflux in check. Just over a week ago we started feeding...

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7 Easy Ways to Help Your Child Fend Off the Flu

Every parent knows that from September to June your household transforms into a walking petri dish that eventually becomes laden with snotty tissues and cough syrup. This leaves it up to you to nurse your family back to health -- but not without also falling sick yourself. It's the cold, hard truth of flu season and there's nothing you can do.Or is there?The truth is there are several ways you can, at the very least, help to protect against illness, regardless of your choice to vaccinate, and according to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention these key steps are incredibly simple! For more insight on the influenza virus, we welcome you to check out the CDC site. 1. Avoid close contact We don't want to...

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