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14 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight or Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Why are you not losing weight or reaching your fitness goals? 1. Your hormones aren't balanced. 2. You're not getting enough Vitamin D. 3. You're exercising, but not in a way that’s benefiting your body! 4. Your digestion and absorption is not optimal. 5. You're sitting on your rear and have a low active rate all day. 6. You're eating too much at night and not enough earlier. 7. You're not chewing your food. 8. You're stressed and not finding balance in your days. 9. You're not getting enough sleep. 10. You're a fad dieter. 11. You're eating out too much and not cooking at home. 12. You're not getting enough protein. 13. You're scared of good fats. 14. Your...

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