Electrolyte Vitamin D Bundle

Electrolyte replenishment strips with Vitamin D strips

Electrolyte Strips

Made with electrolytes and a great grape flavor. Solves Strips® Electrolyte Strips are specifically formulated to quickly replenish electrolytes and aid in fluid retention*. Solves Strips® Electrolyte Strips are easy to take and administer, a safe and effective product that replaces lost electrolytes associated with symptoms of flu, diarrhea, vomiting, athletic activity or extreme climates*. Solves Strips® Electrolyte Strips do not replace lost fluids, so regular consumption of water or other fluids is necessary.

Vitamin D Strips

  • The Immunity Strip

  • Great Lemon Flavor

  • Natural Active Ingredients!

  • Helps BOOST your Immune System

  • Dissolves on your tongue in seconds

  • Active Ingredients take effect FAST!

  • On-the-go convenience

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