What is an OTF strip?

Call it what you want; dissolvable strips, film strips, oral strips, medical strips, but the technical term is Oral Thin Film strips (OTF). OTF strips have been around for 15 years, however, it wasn't until recently that they advanced enough to be able to hold higher amounts of medicinal ingredients to be useful. OTF's are small, thin strips containing medicinal and/or nutraceutical ingredients. An OTF can be placed on the tongue or inside the cheek, where it dissolves within seconds. Once dissolved, it is absorbed into the oral mucosa of the cheek, which contains rich layers of cells and blood vessels. This area can pull the molecules of active ingredients into the blood stream and throughout your body.

What's special about OTF?

What makes an OTF strip so incredible is the way the active ingredient is absorbed into the body. It is absorbed primarily through the Oral Mucosa and more specifically the Buccal Mucosa which is the rich layer of cells and blood vessels in the cheeks. This area along with the sublingual area, which are the major salivary glands, can pull the molecules of the active ingredient into the blood stream incredibly fast. This results in much quicker absorption and ultimately creates a faster reaction. What this means for patients taking an OTF strip is the potential of relieving symptoms faster than a pill or liquid and in most cases without upsetting the stomach or Gastro Intestinal tract (GI-tract).

Why is an OTF strip more ideal than a pill or liquid?

The answer is simple – it dissolves quickly, it tastes better, and it’s far easier to take than choking down a pill. 

What are Solves Strips?®

Solves Strips® are the evolution of wellness within the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Solves Strips® are OTF strips, that dissolve quickly, taste great, and easy to take. Therefore eliminating the need for pills or liquid medications. Contact our Solves Service Team to request samples, or learn more about Solves Strips®.

Why take Solves Strips® over other strips on the market?

Solves Strips® utilizes industry leading OTF strip technology, benefiting individuals, their families, and medical practitioners alike. Solves Strips® has surpassed the competition with the ability to place medical and nutraceutical ingredients of various sizes and still have plenty of “room” left to include fun, delicious flavors. In other words, Solves Strips® are designed for maximum effectiveness, and taste better than pills or other strips, while being compact, and quick dissolving. This makes Solves Strips® great for children, elderly, and basically everyone.

Where can I get Solves Strips®?

You're already closer than you think – you will soon be able to buy them right off this website. Just click on the Buy Now tab in the navigation link to discover products that are coming soon, and find a location near you.

Where can you take Solves Strips®?
Be it home, the office, school, the gym, you can use strips anywhere, anytime. Solves Strips® were created to make taking medicine and supplements easy, especially for those who hate swallowing pills and liquid medicines.

How do you take Solves Strips®?

Just place it on the inside of your cheek, or on the tongue and let the strip dissolve -It's just that easy. Don't worry it tastes great!

Do Solves Strips® taste like medicine?

Bleh. No, that is the beauty of Solves Strips®. While most medicines produce a bitter taste, with Solves Strips® you only get delicious, great tasting flavor. We wouldn't want to take it either if it tasted like medicine. 

Who can take Solves Strips®?
Solves Strips® are specifically designed to allow anyone from age 4-104 the ability to take their doctor advised medications and supplements, comfortably. This includes children, elderly, adults, athletes, healthcare practitioners, individuals who struggle with swallowing or choking disorders and everyone else!

Are Solves Strips® ideal for Dysphagia patients?

There is a large population of individuals who have life-altering difficulty swallowing, and for those, the idea of a pill that could potentially get stuck in your throat is daunting. This condition known as Dysphagia affects over 20% of all people and even more so in the aging population. Truth be told, the number of people that just don’t like swallowing pills is unmeasurable so pharmaceutical companies have various ways to get medicine into the body. Pills, liquids, injections, IV fluid, topical creams, slow release patches, are all among options. Nothing has really been as convenient as a pill or liquid until now.

Who should take Electrolytes?

Those who especially benefit from Electrolyte replenishment include: -Seniors, who are generally more susceptible to dehydration than healthy adults, and are often reluctant to drink much water because going to the bathroom is difficult. -People taking prescription drugs or supplements that list dry mouth or dehydration as a side effect. -People with chronic GI conditions who have trouble absorbing or retaining fluids. -Children, who are more susceptible to dehydration, especially if they experience vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive sweating caused by heat, fever, or exertion. -Athletes to use before, during or after a workout. -Travelers, beach goers, campers, and more, the list is endless.