Inspiration for 2021

Kelli Michelle, M.S Nutrition Science, Clinical Nutritionist, CPT, SNS, FNS, CNS
Solves StripsⓇ Resident Fitness & Nutrition Authority

Inspire someone this year with your incredible personal integrity.

Goal setting is very much the same as keeping a promise to yourself. When you don’t complete the things that you tell people you will complete it is a lack of personal integrity. When you keep your promises to others but don’t keep your promises to yourself it’s also a lack of personal integrity.

This year, don’t stay comfortable in your circle of “sameness.”

A couple keys to staying on track with your goals this year will be:

  • Try keeping a work journal or diary of the small steps that you will take every day kind of like a daily planner.
  • Tell people your short term goals. Ask them to help encourage you.
  • Make sure that you reevaluate and make adjustments every couple weeks. You may find yourself having to re-commit or re-dedicate yourself every few days. This is part of consistency. This is part of taking action!
  • Write it down, ask yourself why the goal is so important this year and what obstacles did you run into last year?
  • I find that having a reward for each goal is what inspires me to complete the tough days. Even when we want to give in, the reward is usually the carrot.
  • Make sure that your goal has a tangible and reasonable date of completion. Deadlines are necessary. If you have a deadline you can then break down to go into smaller tasks like a growth system or a growth chart. Just like you would keep an appointment with yourself you must make sure that you set the appointments to do the work and then do not compromise.
  • Concentrate on one goal at a time!! This way if you’re struggling with motivation go right back to why you are pursuing the goal in the first place.
  • Be very clear as to why you’re pursuing the goal so that you can turn the “invisible into the visible.”

I know that I can be guilty of constantly looking ahead and focusing on the next big thing.

What has really helped me stay motivated in accomplishing my goals is celebrating the small wins along the way. Celebrating your accomplishments, no matter how small is a way for you to track your progress toward your larger goal. 

Make sure you stop and appreciate your hard work before moving on! #2021

To Your Health,


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