Nutrition can help with your worry and anxiety journey


  By Kelli Michelle, M.S Nutrition Science, Clinical       Nutritionist, CPT, SNS, FNS, CNS
   Solves StripsⓇ Resident Fitness & Nutrition Authority



Be careful what you choose to eat as food can reroute some of our decisions.

It shouldn’t surprise you that many of the “comfort” foods we are drawn to in times of stress fast food, refined sweet, and process carbohydrates often end up exacerbating our stress levels rather than soothing them.

So rather than seeking temporary emotional anaesthesia with a chocolate bar that will quickly wears off, try noshing on these foods with naturally calming properties…

Chamomile tea is naturally relaxing at night. Turkey will also help create a snoozy atmosphere tryptophan paradise.

Often time, stress worsens when we are nutritionally deficient, particularly in zinc, which helps the body manage stress, balance mood and appetitive, and supports immunity.

Luckily, just a small handful of pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc.

Not to mention the fact that they taste great combined with a healthy trail mix or when used as a crunchy salad topper.

Berries, apple and avocado 🥑 go without specification. When reading about stress and anxiety, you will quickly learn that when we’re stressed; we’re often low in vitamin C.

That’s why incorporating a vitamin C-rich food, like mushrooms, into your diet can be beneficial for reducing both psychological and physiological anxiety, as well as supporting the immune system, which can get run down when we are stressed out.

If you suffer with mild or chronic inflammation, stress is not your ally. In fact, minor stress can exacerbate chronic inflammatory conditions (i.e., celiac disease, lupus, and arthritis).

However, a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, an oil especially rich in anti-inflammatory polyphenols, will soothe stress-induced inflammation.
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