3 Tips to Become Your Healthiest Self

Staying on top of your health is crucial to living a happy and fulfilling life. As the world returns to a state of normalcy and the holidays approach, people are again looking to take wellness into their own hands. Give yourself the gift of wellness this coming year by incorporating these three tips to your day to day.

Giving Your Immune System a Boost

Immune health is crucial to your overall wellness. Good immune function means you’ll get sick less often and recover 

faster. One of the best ways to ensure proper immune function is to be physically active and avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Along with a healthy diet, regular exercise has been shown to increase immune function. A 2021 study showed that people who exercise regularly were less likely to get very sick from Covid-19. In fact, people who are physically active tend to get sick less in general, whether it’s fighting off colds and bugs, or the flu. 


Caring for Your Integumentary System

If you’ve never heard of your integumentary system, don’t fear, it’s just the medical term for your skin and hair! Believe it or not, your skin and hair can be one of the biggest indicators of your overall health. Your skin is the physical barrier that prevents germs and viruses from entering your body. It also helps to produce vitamin D through exposure to sunlight. Especially for those living in colder climates, this can cause deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, our Vitamin D strips can help to make up for the loss of natural light you might experience during the winter! Many people find that their hair becomes brittle or thin during the winter months as well. However, hair loss can also be genetic, so be sure to consult a doctor to get to the root cause.. Fortunately, if you are struggling with thinning hair, there are a variety of hair loss solutions available. Often lifestyle changes are enough to give you back your healthy skin and hair, but if not, don’t be afraid to talk to a medical professional.

Prioritizing Your Digestive Health   

Everyone knows that green vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, but did you know that a bell pepper has almost three times the vitamin C that citrus fruits have? A balanced diet is crucial to immune function. Foods like lean meat, fish, and foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids are a great way to ensure your immune health. For a healthy bowel, don’t forget to consume plenty of foods that are rich in fiber, like whole grains, fruits, and veggies. It’s not just your physical health either, studies have shown that making sure your body gets the proper nutrients contributes not only to your physical well-being but is also correlated with better mental health.

As we head into the holidays, and the winter months ahead, we know it can be a challenge to maintain your health–we're dedicated to helping.  We hope these tips have given you some guidance on your journey to becoming your healthiest self!

Happy Holidays!

From your Solves Strips Wellness Team


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