Press Release: Solves Strips® launches dissolvable strip donation campaign for healthcare workers nationwide

Innosol Health to donate $50,000 in Solves Strips® product to healthcare workers nationwide

CINCINNATI, OH -- April 8, 2020 -- Solves Strips®, in support of the courageous healthcare workers and their commitment to keep us safe during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, have launched a product donation campaign to provide our Healthcare Heros with the supplements they need while working under these difficult conditions.


The Solves Strips® Healthcare Hero Endurance Package includes: Electrolyte Strips, Melatonin Strips, Revive Energy™ with Vitamins Strips, Vitamin D3 Strips and our Alpine Crisp Breath Freshener Strips.

All of the Solves Strips® products are individually packaged, quick dissolving, great tasting, and easy to take.

“We are excited and honored to give back to the selfless healthcare community that is committed to keeping us all safe during these troubling times,” said Michael Kuhbock, President of Innosol Health, Inc. the company behind Solves Strips®. “We believe our products will have a positive impact for the frontline healthcare workers, making their lives a little easier and we have committed $50,000 worth of our product or 150,000 dissolvable strips to this initiative.”

To receive the Solves Strips® Healthcare Hero Endurance Package for healthcare facilities, please contact Ms. DeAnna Erdmann at

For more information about Solves Strips® please visit



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Imagine a life without pills. Solves Strips® is dedicated to enhancing everyone's personal wellness, providing innovative and non-invasive solutions- one oral thin strip at a time. We give people an easy way to get the wellness supplements you want, getting the active ingredients you need into your system fast. Our OTF products include: Alpine Crisp - Breath Freshener Strips, Electrolyte Strips, Melatonin Strips, Revive Energy™ - Caffeine and Vitamin Strips, and Vitamin D3 Strips. and @solvesstrips on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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We are a product development and distribution company. Innosol Health, Inc. focuses on the development and commercialization of novel and non-invasive supplement and drug delivery technologies to help manage your health and wellness. Our premier product, Solves Strips®, is dedicated to enhancing the evolution of wellness, providing innovative and non-invasive solutions - one oral thin strip at a time.



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