Press Release: Solves Strips® to be a sponsor at HealthCare Service Excellence Conference

HealthCare Service Excellence Conference 2020

Attendees to receive samples of innovative oral thin film (OTF) strips at event

Cincinnati, OH - Solves Strips® are a Product Sponsor of the 20th Annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference, happening on January 27-29, 2020 in New Orleans.

The HealthCare Service Excellence Conference brings world-class experts in patient experience, staff empowerment/retention and physician engagement together, to share leading edge, proven skills and best practices to healthcare professionals, to consistently deliver an empathetic, kind and compassionate experience.

“We are excited to partner with Custom Learning Systems, the organizers of the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference, to bring Solves Strips® to some of the country’s top healthcare professionals,” said Michael Kuhbock of Innosol Health Corp., the company behind Solves Strips®. “Our company’s vision is to drive innovation in health and wellness and we believe that we share that vision with the attendees.”

“For 20 years, the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference has consistently brought forward innovative practices, products, and services, so healthcare professionals can keep improving on the patient experience,” said Bruce Lee, Director of Service Development at Custom Learning Systems. “We find that Solves Strips® is a product that delivers just that, and we are glad to share it with attendees.”

Solves Strips® offer a vastly improved alternative to pills and liquid supplements and medications, with a small, thin strip that sticks on the tongue or inside the cheek, and dissolves, releasing ingredients into the bloodstream. Attendees of the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference will receive samples of Solves Strips® Electrolyte, Melatonin, Revive Energy™ (caffeine), Vitamin D3, and Alpine Crisp.

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About Solves Strips®

Solves Strips® are thin, dissolvable strips that can contain vitamins, medications or other health aids. They quickly dissolve on your tongue, taste great, and are easy to take. They can replace the need for pills, powders or liquid supplements. 

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About Innosol Health Corp.

We are a product development and distribution company. Innosol Health Corp. focuses on the development and commercialization of novel and non-invasive supplement and drug delivery technologies to help manage peoples health and wellness. Our premier product, Solves Strips®, is dedicated to enhancing the evolution of wellness, providing innovative and non-invasive solutions- one strip at a time. 


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