Lose Your Excuses To Start Finding Your Results

By Kelli Michelle, M.S Nutrition Science, Clinical       Nutritionist, CPT, SNS, FNS, CNS
Solves StripsⓇ Resident Fitness & Nutrition Authority






Motivation is an emotion. An emotion is a mental and physiological feeling state that directs our attention and guides our behavior.

Behavior never lies.
Someone can be completely inconsistent and that is their true behavior. Others can possess so much drive that they never have the need for a motivation check. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite, they need to tap the brakes a little bit.

Excuses are forever my biggest level as a coach. I do not allow them. Whatever you struggle with, you can break through.

We often see motivation as something that stimulates a person to act and behave to achieve a desired goal, while emotion is the feelings that emerge from the motive or drive itself. Pride comes from the actions caused by the motive and from the achievement or failure of the desired goal. Usually pride comes with achievement and persistence comes with fail. Doubt should be a thing of the past. The past is gone so stop bringing hay with you. That’s an excuse hour lazy brain wants to lay on for comfort.

Experiencing strong emotions is not uncommon.

What is uncommon is “applying” these emotions to motivate you to change and grow.

Having said that, here are five emotional states that can change your life, if you act on them!!

1. Commitment, 2. Desire, 3. Disgust, 4. Action and Decision and 5. Focus and Planning Daily.

If you are committed there is always a way, and usually more than one way. The key phrase here is if you are committed. Commitment to a relationship, exercise, career or achieving goals means that no matter what, I'm sticking to it, I'm seeing this through.

Desire is reflected in your actions. Desire with little or no action is not worth much. So ask yourself frequently, "How much do I want this and what is it worth to me?”


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