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Because you have better things to do.

You know the drill. Step One: Your child is sick. Yet somehow still has the capacity to fight you with every ounce of strength that they have left, refusing to take their medication. Step Two: You've tried everything under the sun. Chewable pills are too chalky, and easy to spit back up into hundreds of delightful, mucous covered pieces.  Liquid medicines are too thick, and apparently synthetic banana flavor isn't good. You're sick, just drink it for the love of all that is good!  Coated pills are daunting in size, and after coaxing them to chase it back with chocolate sauce for ten minutes, it's sat on their tongue too long and become bitter. If they had only taken it when you begged them to... At this point you...

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So, what the heck are Electrolytes?

You've heard of them, who hasn't? Lately, the term Electrolyte has almost become more popular than the flood of selfies featuring derrières and duck-faces across social media. Note, we said almost.They're a common go-to for post workout recovery. Often taken as a morning after solution among waves of self-contempt and nausea. They're especially used to help restore the body when experiencing flu-like symptoms for adults and children. But, a lot of people still don't know what electrolytes actually do when they're taking them. Just in case you're one of the many, or have managed to squeak by without hearing the term, here's a quick look at what you need to know: Salt, salt and more salt. Electrolytes are a fancy word for the essential salts that are needed for your...

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EMS World Expo Feedback

While at the EMS World Expo, Solves Strips® received some incredible reviews from many in the Healthcare sector. One of which, was Mr. Paul Feaster, Director of EMS, on Solves Strips® aspirin 81

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